A Missouri DUI/DWI Conviction Can Limit Your Job Opportunities

Guilfoil Law Group April 20, 2021

One of the most common questions our office receives from the public is how a Missouri DUI / DWI will affect their employment. Missouri does offer a Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS) probation for some DUI / DWI offenses which does not result in a conviction on the driver's record if they are able to successfully complete probation.

Many are given a false sense of security about SISs and believe that if an SIS is given, an employer cannot tell that they got a DUI / DWI. As discussed elsewhere in this site, there are two parts to a DUI / DWI case in Missouri, the civil and the criminal. A Missouri driving record shows both criminal convictions and civil license suspension issues. If you receive a conviction, it will definitely show on your driving record. But even where you have been given an SIS or diversion in the criminal portion of your Missouri DUI / DWI case, if your license is suspended in the civil portion of your case, it will show as an alcohol revocation, also indicating you had a DUI / DWI at that time even where the SIS or diversion does not show. You should also be aware that civil alcohol sanctions against your driver's license can never be expunged in Missouri.

There are numerous employers which will not hire you or who will fire you if you have a DUI / DWI conviction in your driving record, or if they can tell you received a DUI / DWI from your driver's license being suspended from an alcohol revocation.

If you are already employed and are accused of DUI / DWI, a conviction may end your employment. In fact, upon a pending DUI / DWI being reported to some employers, you will be either terminated or suspended from any company activities involving driving. This is particularly true where you drive a company car. Even if the employer does not run background checks, the insurance company will usually periodically run driving records of all drivers covered under a company policy and will double or triple the rates of the company for anyone being carried by the company as driving a company vehicle who has received a DUI / DWI. Even employers who are not inclined to fire you may have little choice when faced with having their corporate vehicle insurance rates doubled or tripled because of your DUI / DWI.

Persons with high-security clearance may not be able to avoid the DUI / DWI being detected. Any government agency or subcontractor dealing with government projects will be scrutinized at a far higher level than a normal employee. These institutions have direct access to difficult-to-access computer databases, such as the NCIC (National Crime Information Computer) or your state's equivalent. Every ARREST will be shown on these comprehensive records, not just convictions.