Adolescent Diversion Education Program

If you are under the age of 21 in Missouri and have been charged with alcohol or drug-related offenses such as minor in possession or abuse and lose, you could be required to attend an Adolescent Diversion Education Program (ADEP).

This class is reserved for minor in possession charges where you were not operating a vehicle. If your minor in possession charge involved a vehicle you will have to get an Offender Management Unit screening and attend a SATOP (substance abuse traffic offender program) the same as an over-21 normal, garden-variety DWI / DUI.

The adolescent diversion education program is a 10-hour course reserved for first-time offenders not operating a vehicle, who have no prior alcohol or drug-related charges.

Even if it is your first alcohol or drug offense and you were not operating a vehicle, you may also be ineligible for this program if you have a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of 0.18 or greater when you received the offense.

The cost of the program is $100.00.

ADEP is a 7-step program attempting to thwart future alcohol or drug use issues.

The seven steps are:

  • Module 1--Introduction. A general program overview is provided and students identify and discuss reasons why they are in the program.

  • Module 2--Laws and Penalties. Students receive information about Missouri laws and penalties relating to alcohol and other drugs. In addition, they examine the legal, financial and personal consequences of their behavior.

  • Module 3--Alcohol, Other Drugs and their Effects. Information is disseminated about alcohol and other drugs and their effects on the mind, body, judgment and driving ability.

  • Module 4--Use, Abuse and Addiction. Students explore the differences between substance use, abuse and addiction. Symptoms of chemical dependency are discussed.

  • Module 5--Self-Evaluation. Students assess their values and behaviors, as well as evaluate the impact alcohol and other drugs have had on their minds and bodies.

  • Module 6--Life Skills. Decision-making skills are appraised and strengthened. Healthy alternatives to alcohol and other drug-related activities are identified.

  • Module 7-- Looking Ahead. Students share their completed Personal Action Plans with the class.

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